neuroscape 2.0
this module focuses on your sleep which is largely an autonomous function for many, but deriving control over it can give profound life changing benefits

neuroscape 2.1
to sleep
learn to sleep on command, when you want, as you want. reduce and eliminate the use of sleep medications, overcome insomnia, even children can learn to develop healthy sleep times for high quality rest and renewed energy to face the next day.

neuroscape 2.2
to awaken
learn to awaken at your desired time without the use of a alarm clock, conveniently, reliably and effectively. this technique can assist you to wake up with optimised energy levels after a high quality sleep with completion of sleep cycles.

neuroscape 2.3
the power nap
learn an incredible technique to perfect the ability to sleep and awaken in restricted time slots for full body energising and optimised functioning. especially useful for corporate executives, students, frequent traveler, and those in the medical, aviation and hospitality industries. this is a technique that can revolutionise your energy levels and life quality as well as your health and well being.

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