the science.
brain frequency levels
Our brain is an incredible organ, but we hardly utilise it to is optimum. neuroscape is a program that trains your brain to stabilise its brain frequency rate on command - normally this is an autonomous process. the ability to operate at lower brain frequency levels consciously holds a wide array of benefits for health, daily functioning and overall life satisfaction. this is in fact the technology underlying meditation as has been practices by almost all cultures throughout the globe since time immemorial.

brain entrainment
brain entrainment technology holds the key to develop the ability to consciously operate at lower frequency levels. our brain entrainment exercises include a combination of specially researched isochronic and binaural sounds to assist you in your learning. 

autogenic programming
neuroscape goes further than simply meditation - by using concepts based on neurolinguistic programming and auto suggestion our modules can enable you to program your subconscious for a plethora of wide ranging benefits - whether it is for work, education, health or even general well being. we offer custom packages especially suited for your needs.

techniques application
manifesting successful lifestyle change consists not only of learning, but also in the application of the learning. here is where we take the extra step to provide a constructive support system to enable you to actually implement new practices and experience transformations in objective terms. from individual mentoring from psychotherapy informed care, to community support systems, we have have a structured program that will complement your lifestyle at every stage to bring about real results for you.

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