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health and wellbeing is a key concern for many of us today. with advancing understanding of how our complex systems work, science is questioning and relearning many aspects of how our mind can affect our physical health. 

neuroscape 6.1
psycho neuro immunology
psycho neuro immunology is a growing discipline which looks at the connection between our psychology and its impacts on our physical health immunity. neuroscape techniques can be applied for enhanced immune function which can override genetic predisposition and maintain our health.

neuroscape 6.2
the word epigenetics simply refers to that which is beyond genetics. as we now realise today, genetics isnt everything, while our genes may predispose us to certain ailments or diseases, we also have the ability to prevent, control and even heal with the mind. learn more about how you can develop your ability to improve your general health.

neuroscape 6.3
while documented cases exist that display how spontaneous remissions, symptomatic pain relief and fighting infections can happen, the connection with how our minds influence these is still being understood. with neuroscape you can use tested methods to use your mental influence for physical results in your own body.

neuroscape 6.4
the placebo effect 
while the exact workings of the placebo effect remains a mystery, studies in hypnosis show that this phenomenon is almost universal, and we can all learn to develop our ability to heal using the power of the mind.


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